Title LEUs

Webinar/In Person

1 Bridging Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Whole-Child Education 1 LEU Webinar
1 Integrating 2023 Trends into Your Grantseeking Strategy 1 LEU Webinar
2 All Together Now!  CSLP 2023 Training & Roundtable (Greenfield) 2 LEUs In-Person
2 Black History Month Nonprofit Spotlight 1 LEU Webinar
7 Expanding Possibilities with the Talking Book Program 1 LEU Webinar
7 What’s Trending?  Digital Content Formats and Subjects to Plan for in 2023 1 LEU Webinar
7 Graphic Novels for Adults and Young Adults 1 LEU Webinar
8 What’s Up Wednesday – Present Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks for a Great Presentation 1 LEU Webinar
8 Get Up to Speed with GrantStation:  Tool Talk 1 LEU Webinar
8 Just Don’t Do It:  Finally a session on how to say no at work! 1 LEU Webinar
8 Discover YA Debuts! 1 LEU Webinar
8 Celebrating Moon Times:  Flipping the Script on Period Poverty and Standard Puberty Education 1 LEU Webinar
8 Sources of Airborne PCBs in School 1 LEU Webinar
9 Educational and Community Resources for Ukrainian Refugee Children in Indiana 1 LEU Webinar
9 NNLM Grants and Proposal Writing 1 LEU Webinar
9 Is Your Old Tech Slowing You Down? 1 LEU Webinar
13 The Metacognitive Student:  How to Teach Academic, Social, and Emotional Intelligence in Every Content Area 1 LEU Webinar
13 Bite-Sized Digital Citizenship: Scaffolding Big Ideas for Early Elementary Students 1 LEU Webinar
13 Addressing Technology’s Diversity and Equity Through District Policies, Practices, and Personnel 1 LEU Webinar
13 How Can Public Data Help Your Organization?  An Introduction to DataCommons.org 1 LEU Webinar
13 Disney Publishing Review 1 LEU Webinar
13 Create Effective Data Visualizations 1 LEU Webinar
14 A School District’s Journey to Reinvent Professional Learning Post-Pandemic 1 LEU Webinar
14 Instructional Power:  Teaching to Reach Each Student  1 LEU Webinar
14 The Science of Reading and Biliteracy:  A Perfect Match 1 LEU Webinar
14 Welcome to TechSoup: New Member Orientation and Q&A (February 2023) 1 LEU Webinar
14 Adult Faves 1 LEU Webinar
14 Finding Environmental Health Information in PubMed 1 LEU Webinar
14 Hosting a Hackathon:  Lessons Learned from Libraries 1 LEU Webinar
15 Using Book Connections at the Public Library 1 LEU Webinar
15 Native Stories, Native Peoples:  Opportunities for Library Engagement 1 LEU Webinar


15 Training Resources for Better Grants Management 1 LEU Webinar
15 MacKids School & Library Spring 2023 Preview 1 LEU Webinar
15 Creating Data Management Plans with DMPTool 1 LEU Webinar
15 The Poetry of Pediatrics:  Health Humanities in Practice 1 LEU Webinar
15 Exploring the Intersection:  How Technology and Management Work Together in Government 1 LEU Webinar
16 February Summer Reading Virtual Roundtable 1 LEU Webinar
16 Ed Leaders Share How to Build School Culture to Improve Grades, Behavior, and Mental Health 1 LEU Webinar
16 Terrific Teen and Dazzling Debuts 1 LEU Webinar
16 Automation Basics – What You Need to Know 1 LEU Webinar
21 DEI 2.0:  What’s Next with Content and Collaboration 1 LEU Webinar
21 Magnificent Middle Grade 1 LEU Webinar
21 Endocrine Disruptors in Environmental Health 1 LEU Webinar
21 Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility in Action 1 LEU Webinar
22 What’s Up Wednesday – Facilitating Community Inquiry:  Using Questions to Support Change 1 LEU Webinar
22 Library Policies for Today’s Communities 1 LEU Webinar
22 Using Esports as a Gateway to STEM Careers through CTE 1 LEU Webinar
22 Apps for Disaster Preparation and Response 1 LEU Webinar
22 Accelerating the Speed and Scale of Medical Discovery with Real-World Data:  Epic Research and Cosmos 1 LEU Webinar
22 Strategies for Increasing Customer Engagement 1 LEU Webinar
23 Matchmaking with Macmillan 1 LEU Webinar
23 Becoming a Snake Charmer – Introduction to Python 1 LEU Webinar
27 All Together Now!  CSLP 2023 Training & Roundtable (All Ages) – Muncie (Rescheduled from 1/25 due to snow) 1 LEU Webinar
27 Legal Office Hours for Black-led Nonprofits 1 LEU Webinar
27 Change Management 101 – How to Prepare Your Team For Change 1 LEU Webinar
28 Highly Effective Family Engagement:  5 Habits to Start Now 1 LEU Webinar
28 Amazing Audiobooks 1 LEU Webinar
28 Dignity in Personal Care, Addressing Hygiene Insecurity:  The Discoveries Community Pantry 1 LEU Webinar
28 OurSpace World:  Sowing Health, Building Community 1 LEU Webinar