Date Title LEUs

In person/ Webinar

3 Engaging Young Readers:  Practical Tools and Strategies 1 LEU Webinar
3 Grow and Nurture Your Patron Base While Driving Down Costs:  Introducing a Collection of 30,000 Unlimited-Access Audiobooks 1 LEU Webinar
4 Conducting a Library Facility Security Assessment Without Needing a Security Consultant 1 LEU Webinar
4 Extreme Author Visits:  Going EXTRA for a Special Guest 1 LEU Webinar
4 Family Literacy on the Wild, Wild e-Frontier:  Strategies for Raising Digitally Savvy Families 1 TLEU Webinar
4 Booklist – The Art of Crafting 1 LEU Webinar
4 What Problem are We Trying to Solve?  How Continuing Education Professionals Help Close the Gap 1 LEU Webinar
5 Navigating the Digital Shift:  Equitable Learning Opportunities for all Learners 1 LEU Webinar
5 So, You Want to Start a Library Podcast? 1 TLEU Webinar
5 Providing Passports at Your Library 1 LEU Webinar
6 Integrating Cultural Humility into Practice 1 LEU Webinar
6 Inclusion for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Libraries 1 LEU Webinar
6 Research Data Management – In Your Future? (ACRL-Choice) 1 LEU Webinar
6 Booklist – Now Hear This!  New Audiobooks for #Audiobook Month and Beyond 1 LEU Webinar
6 Reaching Into the Community:  Tools to Bring Your Library to the People 1 LEU Webinar
7 Caring for LGBTQ+ Youth 1 LEU Webinar
7 Reading Life Between the Lines:  Using Children’s & Young Adult Literature to Have Tough Conversations about Diversity 1 Webinar
7 Booklist – Yoga and Meditation at the Library:  Outreach and Inreach 1 LEU Webinar
7 Using Data for Decision-Making:  An Environmental Scan Case Study 1 TLEU Webinar
10 Closing the Homework Gap:  Digital Equity for All Students 1 Webinar
10 What is a Program Anyway?  Findings from NILPPA, ALA’s National Study of Library Public Programs 1 LEU Webinar
11 Effective Budgeting for Libraries 1 LEU Webinar
11 Getting to the Heart of the Community Through Discovery 1 LEU Webinar
11 Welcoming Transgender Customers at Your Library 1 LEU Webinar
11 The Authentication Landscape for Librarians and Media Specialists 1 TLEU Webinar
12 Authorities in RDA 1 LEU Webinar
12 Summer Fun with Digital Citizenship:  An International Perspective 1 LEU Webinar
12 Community Climate Cafes:  Science Programming for Adults 1 LEU Webinar
12 Implementing Community Change:  Positive and Productive Partnerships 1 LEU Webinar
13 Mind Your Bits & Bytes:  Digital Preservation for Beginners 1 TLEU Webinar
12 Panels as Windows:  Graphic Medicine and Empathy, a Tool to Understanding Patients, Caregivers, and Healthcare Professionals 1 LEU Webinar
13 Library Resource Management & Discovery:  Trends & Technology 1 TLEU Webinar
13 Caring for Family Collections 1 LEU Webinar
14 The Nine Competencies of Programming Librarians:  Findings From NILPPA, ALA’s National Study of Library Public Programs 1 LEU Webinar
17 Onsite 2019 Annual PL Budget and Legislative Update 4 LEU In-Person
17 Webinar 2019 Annual PL Budget and Legislative Update 4 LEU Webinar
17 Info2Go!  STEM for Frontline Staff 1 LEU Webinar
17 Getting Started with Coding and Robotics in K-8 Classrooms 1 LEU Webinar
18 mHealth:  Mobile Technologies to Improve Community Health 1 TLEU Webinar
18 Demystifying Genre 1 LEU Webinar
18 Email Encryption and Security 1 TLEU Webinar
18 Health Literacy and Patient-Centered Care at Community Hospitals 1 LEU Webinar
18 Supervisor Series:  Patience in the Process 2 LEU Webinar
18 Booklist – Commemorating Stonewall:  The Latest in LGBTQ+ Lit 1 LEU Webinar
19 PNR Rendezvous:  Libraries Connecting You to Coverage 1 LEU Webinar
19 Finding Mathematics in Unexpected Places:  Mathematicians in the Real World 1 LEU Webinar
19 Information Literacy in Context – Expanding Foundational Skills Instruction into the Disciplines 1 LEU Webinar
19 Diversity & Social Justice:  A Starting Place 1 LEU Webinar
20 Onsite 2019 Annual PL Budget and Legislative Update 4 LEU In-Person
20 Webinar 2019 Annual PL Budget and Legislative Update 4 LEU Webinar
20 Fake It ‘til You Make It:  Leadership for Beginners 1 LEU Webinar
20 Collaboration Near and Far in Digital Professional Learning Communities 1 LEU Webinar
22 Trans 101:  What Does It Mean to be Transgender 2 LEU In-Person
25 Family Nights:  A Success Story from Vaughan Public Libraries 1 LEU Webinar
26 Resources for Community Health Workers 1 LEU Webinar
26 Academic Freedom 1 LEU Webinar
26 Why Readers Fail and How to Break the Cycle 1 LEU Webinar

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