Indiana State Library Face to Face Training Policy

To book one of our trainers, please follow this policy:  it is recommended that you book an Indiana State Library (ISL) trainer at least three months in advance of your training date. It is impossible to fulfill all requests for training. If a request cannot be fulfilled, we encourage libraries to check the ISL’s Calendar of Events to see if a similar training will be held in another library in the same region.  Libraries may also use other training options like online webinars.

Most Indiana State Library trainings are open to any public library. Space at trainings is not specifically reserved for the host library staff except in cases of annual Staff Days or annual Staff In-services. In most cases, registration is required and is on a first come, first serve basis. Registration closes five (5) business days prior to the event.  Many registrations are handled through the ISL’s Calendar of Events. The trainer reserves the right to cancel due to low registration (minimum of four (4) registrations) up to five (5) business days prior to the event.

A maximum of two hours of training may be booked for any one date by any one trainer.  If you have more than two hours of training, you will either need to book additional days or book another trainer.

A maximum of four training days may be booked per library system per year.  A training day is any day that an Indiana State Library staff member comes to a library to present a training(s) or workshop(s).  If two trainers are present at your library on the same date, this counts as two training days.  Annual Staff Days or annual Staff In-services are exempt from this requirement.  Round-table meetings and Counterparts meetings for multiple libraries addressing library staff with common interests in a single region are exempt from this requirement.

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