Technology Academy | Begins January 10, 2020 | Indianapolis, IN

As part of a partnership with Purdue Extension, the Indiana State Library proudly announces the opportunity for fifteen (15) public library employees to attend the Technology Academy in Indianapolis. The Technology Academy will consist of six (6) training sessions held at the Indiana State Library, Indianapolis, IN, starting in January. Purdue Extension Service staff will provide the training sessions once a month during the six month duration of the academy. Participants in the Technology Academy will be selected in a competitive application process.



  • To improve public library service in Indiana by developing technology skills of public library staff;
  • To assist public library system directors in training public library staff;
  • To motivate public library staff to acquire, maintain, and develop skills for personal professional fulfillment and career enhancement.



Through lectures, discussions, and assignments, participants will examine:

  • Basic computer concepts/skills
  • Basic Internet concepts/skills
  • Various Internet resources
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Social Media
  • Cloud Services including Dropbox & Google Docs
  • Multiple Databases including INSPIRE
  • eBooks
  • How to deliver and communicate technology assistance to patrons


  • Individuals employed full-time or part-time in a Indiana public library one calendar year prior to November 1, 2019;
  • Individuals who possess limited computer skills*, and would like to improve those skills to more effectively deliver library services.

*Limited computers skills include basic terminology, functionality, and navigation of computers and commonly used software and tools.


To be considered for participation, applicants must be nominated by their library system director, or if the applicant is a director, the application must be approved by the board president.  To nominate an individual, the director submits an application completed by the applicant, and agrees to allow the applicant time to fully participate in the Technology Academy.


Each completed application, must be mailed to Wendy Knapp at the Indiana State Library by the public library system director.  Applications will be evaluated by a review team according to the attached evaluation criteria.  The fifteen (15) applicants with the highest scores will be selected for participation in the Technology Academy.


Participants must sign an agreement stating s/he will:

  • Attend the Academy once a month starting January 10, 2020 (session dates listed below).
  • Listen, learn, and share experience with other participants through group discussions and other exercises;
  • Complete homework assignments for each session;
  • Present a presentation to other academy participants;
  • Tell others about the Academy experience; and
  • Complete a follow-up evaluation six weeks following attendance at the Technology Academy.

Directors must sign a contract agreeing to:

  • Allow selected participant(s) to attend the technology academy once a month for six months (session dates listed below) on library time;
  • Allow for participants to complete up to five (5) hours of given homework assignments each month on the library system’s time; and
  • Complete a follow-up evaluation six months following the participant’s attendance at the Technology Academy.


Parking will be in the Indiana State Garage and will be validated each day of the Academy.  Individual will earn 24 Technology LEUS upon successful completion of the Academy.


Friday, November 29th Applications postmarked to ISL
Thursday, December 12th Applicants notified of acceptance status
Friday, January 10th Session 1: Computer & Internet Basics
Friday, February 14th Session 2: Internet Resources & Microsoft Word
Friday, March 13th Session 3: Microsoft Powerpoint & Excel
Friday, April 3rd Session 4: Databases (INSPIRE) and eBooks
Friday, May 8th Session 5: Collaborative Tools and the Cloud
Friday, June 12th Session 6: Social Media & Presentations


*Technology Academy content originally developed by the collaborative efforts of the Purdue University Extension Service and Indiana State Library.