The World War I Centennial: Getting Involved – 1 LEU

an image of a trench during WWIOn April 6, 1917, the United States officially declared war on the German Empire and entered World War I. This remains America’s forgotten war, although more Americans gave their lives than in Korea and Vietnam combined. Indiana and the World War I Centennial Commission will be commemorating the World War I Centennial over the next two years and using it an opportunity to educate Hoosiers about the war’s causes and consequences and to honor the sacrifice of Indiana men and women who served. Want to learn more about World War I and get involved in the Centennial? This webinar will educate attendees on ways to get involved as an institution or an individual and serve as a starting point to learn about events and exhibits happening in the state and around the country. Use this webinar as a tool to spark participation within your library!

Date Recorded: 3/28/17

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Lauren Patton / Indiana State Library