Oceans of Possibilities – Summer 2022

Resources for Summer Program Planning

Compiled by Beth Yates ~ Indiana State Library ~ byates@library.in.gov



Programming Resources


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 Ocean Related Topics To Get You Started

  • Ocean life – General ocean plants and animals, endangered animals, conservation.
  • History – Shipwrecks like the Titanic, explorers.
  • Geography – Maps, bodies of water.
  • Astronomy – Navigation/wayfinding, moon and tides.
  • Beaches – Summer fun, beach parties, sand and sandcastles, swimming and safety, the sun.
  • Geology/Paleontology – The fossil record shows Indiana was once underwater!
  • Weather – The water cycle connects us to oceans even in landlocked Indiana.
  • Jobs – Marine biologist, diving/SCUBA, ecologist, fishing, ship captain, lifeguard, geo scientist.


Summer Food Info


Stats and Outcomes


Reaching New and Old Patrons / Community Asset Mapping


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