Certification for Indiana Public Librarians

Announcing ISL’s New Certification Portal

Our new certification portal, Indiana State Library: Certification for Indiana Librarians, is now available here. The new portal has a public look up feature that anyone can use to verify an Indiana librarian’s certification status. In addition, an Indiana librarian with a 5-year certificate or a temporary permit can use the portal to update their contact information. A 5-year certificate holder can also use the portal to renew their certificate. Instructions for using the portal can be found in this “Guide to Using New Certification Portal (Updated March 2022).”

A person who holds a librarian certificate or temporary librarian permit must set up an account in ISL’s Certification Portal to print a copy of their certificate or temporary permit. Individuals are not allowed to access portal accounts other than their own.  Employers and others who wish to verify another person’s certification status should use the public lookup function “Verify Status” to do so. The entire policy on access to portal records can be found here: Policy Regarding Access to Records on the Certification Portal.

Who needs to be certified?

Staff working at Indiana public libraries must be certified by the Indiana State Library if they spend at least 50% of their time on professional library work. Professional library work includes cataloging, copy cataloging, reference, collection development, reader’s advisory, and children’s or teen services. Certification requirements apply to all permanent (non-substitute) professional staff, whether they work full-time or part-time. Find more detail about certification requirements for LC 1 through LC 7 here:

Detailed Summary of Certification Requirements

Certification Manual

What application should I use? 

There is one Application for Certification. Whether you apply for a temporary permit or a five year certificate, a first application or a renewal, an entry level or an advanced certificate, you will always use this application:

Application for Certification of Public Librarian

What do I include with my application?

Checklist for Submitting Librarian Certification Application (Updated July 2022)

What library science courses do I need to take to qualify for an LC 4 or an LC 5?


Which LEUs satisfy the administrative LEU requirements for the LC 7?

LC 7 Requirements (Updated December 2020)

How do I maintain my certificate?

If you hold a temporary permit, it expires and must be renewed one year from the date it took effect. If you are fully certified, your certificate expires and must be renewed 5 years after the date it took effect and you are subject to random audits of your compliance with Librarian Education Unit (LEU) requirements. Learn more about these requirements here:

Certificate Renewals & Library Education Unit Audits

Guide to Using New Certification Portal (Updated July 2021)

Archived Webinars on Certification:

“Certification Refresher: Figuring Out Indiana Librarian Certification”

Recorded on December 15, 2020.

“ISL Certification Portal: Introduction and Walk Through”

Recorded on September 30, 2021.

Still have questions about certification? Contact Cheri Harris at: ChHarris@library.IN.gov, 317-234-6217, or toll-free in Indiana 800-451-6028.