July 2022

 Date  Title  LEUs/TLEUs  In-person/webinar
6  More than Lip Service – Making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion a Reality at Your Org  (GovLoop)  1 LEU  Webinar 
7  Your Nonprofit’s Online Presence:  Legal Risks and Protections for Websites  (NonProfit Learning Lab)  1 TLEU  Webinar 
7  Engaging Adults with Low Literacy Levels  (WebJunction)  1 LEU  Webinar 
11  Becoming a Nonprofit Thought Leader  (NonProfit Learning Lat)  1 LEU  Webinar 
12  Get Down with Graphic Novels!  Graphic Novel Book Buzz, Part 1  (Booklist)  1 LEU  Webinar 
12  Getting Ready for Preservation Grant Season  (Northeast Document Conservation Center))  1 LEU  Webinar 
12  Ask the Expert:  Project Management Best Practices and Tools  (TechSoup)  1 TLEU  Webinar 
13  What’s Up Wednesday – Get INSPIRED:  Enriching School Wide Collaboration Around Books and Authors  (Indiana State Library)  1 TLEU  Webinar 
13  Cultivating Protective Libraries:  An Introduction to Public Library Social Work  (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)  1 LEU  Webinar 
14  SLJ Picture Book Palooza  (School Library Journal)  Depends on session attendance  All Day Virtual 
14  How to Prioritize Your Grant Prospect List in Under 60 Minutes  (NonProfit Learning Lab)  1 LEU  Webinar 
14  Weed `Em and Reap:  Getting Your Collection from Awful to Awesome  (WebJunction)  1 LEU  Webinar 
14  The Library’s Role in the Open Research Ecosystem  (ACRL – Choice 360))  1 LEU  Webinar 
20  The Early Childhood Director’s Guide to Solving Everyday Challenges  (EdWeb)  1 LEU  Webinar 
20  Teaching Literacy to Early Learners:  A Hands-On, Minds-On, Multisensory Approach  (EdWeb)  1 LEU  Webinar 
20  Digital Citizenship in Libraries All Year:  Planning for the School Year  (EdWeb)  1 LEU  Webinar 
20  How Academic Librarians are Working with Faculty to Source Affordable Textbooks for Students  (ACRL – Choice 360)  1 LEU  Webinar 
20  Community Discussion:  Addressing the NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)  1 LEU  Webinar 
20   Problem-Solving with Cyber:  Get Your Agency Prepped  (GovLoop)  1 TLEU  Webinar 
21  Improving Middle School Outcomes:  Engaging Families and Empowering Students  (EdWeb)  1 LEU  Webinar 
21  Be Prepared! The GNCRT Guide to Addressing Comic Book Bans, Censorship, and Challenges  (Booklist)  1 LEU  Webinar 
25  5 Signs of a Toxic Work Environment and How to Fix It  (GovLoop)  1 LEU  Webinar 
27  What’s Up Wednesday – Retirement on the Horizon?  A Public Library Director’s Primer  (Indiana State Library)  1 LEU  Webinar 
27  Introduction to Wellness for School Communities:  Student and Staff Wellness  (EdWeb)  1 LEU  Webinar 
27  Top Tech Tools for Every Classroom  (EdWeb)  1 TLEU  Webinar 
27  Effective Health Communication and Health Literacy:  Understanding the Connection  (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)  1 LEU  Webinar 
27  From Problem to Prevention:  Evidence Based Public Health  (National Network of Libraries of Medicine)  1 LEU  Webinar 
28   For the Love of Graphic Novels:  A Roundtable on Inclusive Stories  (School Library Connection)  1 LEU  Webinar