Title LEUs

In person/ Webinar

1 Push Past It!  A Positive Approach to Challenging Behavior 1 LEU Webinar
1 SRCS Training – What’s New in V6 and ILL Refresher – Crown Point Library 3 TLEU In- Person
2 Data-Driven Collection Development:  The Approval Plan in Today’s Academic Library 1 LEU Webinar
2 Family Literacy 101:  From Flyers to Food 1 LEU Webinar
2 SRCS Training – What’s New in V6 and ILL Refresher – New Albany- Floyd County Public Library 3 TLEU In-Person
3 Every Child Ready to Read – Indianapolis PL Services Center 3 LEU In-Person
6 Teaching iPad and iPhone to Seniors 1 TLEU Webinar
7 Collaborate with Content Areas for Deeper Learning 1 LEU Webinar
7 Making Mindfulness Work in Your School 1 LEU Webinar
7 CELEBRATE. SERVE. COLLABORATE:  Partnership as a Strategy for Immigrant Engagement 1 LEU Webinar
7 Booklist Webinar – All Things YA 1 LEU Webinar
7 Revitalizing Reader Service:  Assess, Integrate, Promote 1 LEU Webinar
8 Save the Date:  Curious About Library Supervision? – Pt. 1 (online) 1 LEU Webinar
9 Summer Camp at the Library:  One Librarian’s Adventure 1 LEU Webinar
10 Live Webcast with Veronica Roth (Divergent Series) 1 LEU Webinar
13 Strategic Technology Planning and Investment 1 LEU Webinar
13 Circulation in Evergreen Indiana 3 TLEU Webinar
13 Holds and Transits in Evergreen Indiana 2 TLEU Webinar
14 Finding Your Niche:  Positioning Your Library in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem 1 LEU Webinar
14 What Librarians Can Learn from Business 1 LEU Webinar
14 How Dissertations Inspire Better Research and Learning – Help Researchers Broaden and Deepen Their Sources  (ACRL-Choice) 1 LEU Webinar
14 Supporting Developing Readers at the Library:  Literacy-Based Programs for K-3rd Graders 1 LEU Webinar
14 Closing the Gap:  Digital Equity Strategies for Educators 1 LEU Webinar
14 Computational Thinking in Your Library:  Systematic Problem-Solving in School and Real Life 1 LEU Webinar
14 Fake News, Real Talk:  Engaging Your Patrons on Fake News and News Literacy 1 LEU Webinar
14 Booklist Webinar – Mystery Month 10—Times Two! 1 LEU Webinar
15 Healthy Aging:  Celebrate National Senior Health and Fitness Day with “Go4Life” 1 LEU Webinar
15 Making a Mini Makerspace 1 LEU Webinar
15 Social Emotional Learning:  Tools for the Classroom and Library 1 LEU Webinar
15 Save the Date:  Curious About Library Supervision? – Pt. 2 (online) 1 LEU Webinar
15 Meet the Mathematicians:  Who are the Famous People Behind Your Math 1 LEU Webinar
15 Hot Topics and Red Flags in Naturalization 1 LEU Webinar
16 More Than #Motivation Monday:  Motivating Your Team Any Day of the Week 1 LEU Webinar
16 Change the Way You Approach Accessibility 1 LEU Webinar
16 Reflections on the 75th Anniversary of D-Day:  The Personal Experiences of World War Two (ACRL-Choice) 1 LEU Webinar
16 Innovative Technology for Individuals with Autism 1 TLEU Webinar
16 Maximizing Literacy Acceleration in K-12 Schools 1 LEU Webinar
16 Measuring What Matters with Google Analytics 1 TLEU Webinar
21 The Library’s New Place in a Digital World 1 LEU Webinar
20 Info2Go! Doing Democracy 1 LEU Webinar
21 Your Guide to Content Marketing for Nonprofits 1 LEU Webinar
21 Students’ Use of Google Docs:  Managing Inappropriate Communications 1 TLEU Webinar
21 Booktalking Your Way to the Friendliest Library in Town 1 LEU Webinar
21 Creating an Inclusive Collection:  Selecting and Evaluating Diverse Resources  ACRL-Choice 1 LEU Webinar
21 Booklist Webinar—VICTOREAD:  75th Anniversary of D-Day 1 LEU Webinar
21 Supervisor Series:  Workflow Wonders 1 LEU Webinar
22 Women In Leadership:  What the Science Says and How to Move Forward in the Era of #MeToo 1 LEU Webinar
22 Is That Real?  A Crash Course in Verifying Online Content 1 TLEU Webinar
22 Harassment Prevention:  Responding to Sexual, Racial and Bullying Incidents Involving Staff or Patron 1 LEU Webinar
22 MARCEdit and OpenRefine:  Record Cleanup Step by Step 1 TLEU Webinar
22 Library After Dark:  After-Hours Programming for Adults 1 LEU Webinar
22 Productivity Tips:  How to Drown Out Distractions 1 LEU Webinar
23 Creating Language Success for Your District 1 LEU Webinar
23 Presentation Primer 1 LEU Webinar
28 Lower Student Stress, Higher Student Outcomes for Struggling Readers 1 LEU Webinar
28 Development Through the Eyes of an ELL Child 1 LEU Webinar
29 Tools for Data-Powered Discovery:  NLM’s Data Discovery and Pillbox 1 TLEU Webinar
30 Community Engagement:  Beyond the Buzz 1 LEU Webinar
30 Choosing the Right Citation Management Tool for Your Users 1 TLEU Webinar
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