HOW DO I APPLY FOR LEU APPROVAL OF MY WORKSHOP, CONFERENCE, OR STAFF DAY?  If your library or organization is planning workshops for public librarians, please download and submit the Application for Library Education Unit Provider (Revised 2014).  Please allow up to 30 days for an approval decision.  Contact with questions.


To obtain Library Education Units (LEUs) for IN-PERSON CONFERENCES, consult the policy below on LEUs for National and Out-of-State Conferences (Effective 8/31/2013).  Please see the list of Training Providers Approved by ISL for LEUs.  This list includes in-person and virtual conferences.


For Library Education Units for LIVE AND ARCHIVED VIRTUAL CONFERENCE SESSIONS OR WEBINARS, consult the policy below on LEUs for Live and Archived Webinars (Effective 12/1/2012).


LEUs for In-Person National and Out-of-State Conferences (Effective 8/31/2013):

  1. As you have done in the past after attending an in-person conference, fill out the Indiana Librarian Conference Form.  Write your session synopses and retain any conference programs or documentation we could refer to in the event of an audit (e.g. confirmation of registration, conference program, etc).  Because organizations do not keep their conference information online for more than a few months, we will need something to which we can refer.
  2. Based on the sessions you attended, count up the LEUs you earned.  LEUs are awarded hour-for-hour for eligible sessions lasting 30 minutes or longer.  LEUs round up to 2 after 90 minutes.  LEUs round up to 3 after  2.5 hours (and so forth).
  3. File these documents with your other LEUs. DO NOT send them in to ISL.  You will not receive a certificate from ISL after national and out-of-state conferences.  You will only need to turn them in to the Indiana State Library (ISL) if you are notified your file has been selected for random audit.  If you are not notified as such, please do not send in this paperwork.

What conference events are eligible for LEUs?  Keynote speeches and author talks, as well as standard workshops are eligible.  Eligible sessions must have a specified learning objective and make a contribution to the field of professional librarianship.  Sessions eligible for Technology LEUs (TLEUs) will consist of training on software or devices, instruction on social media, and so forth.  Sessions pertaining to policies on or funding for technology (not how to use a product) are eligible for general LEUs.  If you are not sure, consult the Certification Manual for Indiana Public Library Professionals or contact the ISL Certification Program Director (317-234-5650 or 800-451-6028 [Indiana only] or

What conferences events are ineligible for LEUs?  Business, committee, and council meetings, conference registrations and orientations, unstructured roundtable discussions, poster sessions, time spent at vendor booths, and social events without a speaker are NOT eligible for LEUs.

If you plan to attend a conference not listed on Training Providers Approved by ISL for LEUs, please contact the ISL Certification Program Director (317-234-5650 or 800-451-6028 [Indiana only] or to confirm the event’s LEU-eligibility.  All events are not automatically approved for LEUs.  As well, please request LEU approval at least 30 days in advance of events not already pre-approved.  Training that has not been pre-approved by ISL is not eligible for LEUs and any certificates participants receive from unapproved training will not be honored.


LEUs for Virtual Conferences and Live and Archived Webinars (Effective 12/1/2012):

Any time a staff member views an online event (or a library purchases a site license for an online event) by any of the Training Providers Approved by ISL for LEUs, the library’s designee in an administrative or Human Resources role shall create and award LEU certificates in-house.

IMPORTANT:  Some webinar providers will issue certificates; many will not.  If you do not receive a certificate, please follow the instructions below for creating them in-house.  If you receive a certificate from an approved provider and it references CEUs or Contact Hours or CPDUs instead of LEUs, this is still acceptable.  Only Indiana public libraries use the term LEUs (non-library organizations in Indiana, as well as libraries and other organizations outside Indiana, use other terms).  LEUs are awarded hour-for-hour for eligible sessions lasting 30 minutes or longer.  LEUs round up to 2 after 90 minutes.  LEUs round up to 3 after  2.5 hours (and so forth).

Certificates generated in-house may be formatted any way you choose, so long as they contain the following elements:

  • Participant’s name
  • Event/Workshop provider’s name
  • Event/Workshop name, date, and number of LEUs obtained
  • Proctor/Supervisor’s written name, professional title, and signature (In the case of a Library Director, the HR manager or the President of the Board of Trustees should sign the certificate).

Download a Sample LEU Certificate.

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