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Getting Credit for Watching an Archived Program

Make sure the program is over 30 minutes long in order to get 1 LEU for it.

Some webinar providers will issue certificates; many will not. If you do not receive a certificate, please follow the instructions below for creating them in-house.

If an approved provider’s certificates reference Professional Growth Points (PGPs), CEUs, Contact Hours, or CPDUs instead of LEUs, we will count them as LEUs.

Documenting LEUs for an Archived Program

When a staff member views an online event by a provider on this list, Training Providers Approved by ISL for LEUs, the library’s designee in an administrative or Human Resources role shall create and award LEU certificates in-house. (In the case of a Library Director, the HR manager or the President of the Board of Trustees should sign the certificate).

LEUs are awarded hour-for-hour for eligible sessions lasting 30 minutes or longer.  LEUs round up to 2 after 90 minutes.  LEUs round up to 3 after 2.5 hours (and so forth).

Certificates generated in-house may be formatted any way you choose, so long as they contain the following elements:

  • Webinar provider’s name
  • Proctor/Supervisor’s printed name, professional title, and signature
  • Name of webinar
  • Date originally aired, date viewed, number and type of LEUs obtained
  • Participant’s name

Download a 2022 NEW Sample In-House Certificate.