Archived Trainings 

Along with webinars and online trainings available from Preapproved Training Providers who have a blanket LEU approval for all of their offerings, the Indiana State Library wants to draw your attention to the following archived presentations, webinars, and courses; all available to take at your own pace, and for LEU credit.  Unless a certificate is automatically generated, please refer to the policy on documenting LEUs for Live and Archived virtual conference sessions or webinars, to receive your LEU certificate.

Archived Indiana State Library Training
Online Trainings from Other Providers

Archived Indiana State Library Training

Introduction to VR at Your Library – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  4/4/2017  Format:  Archived YouTube Video
Join Amy Dalton as she presents an overview of ways to get started with VR in your library as well as suggestions for good apps to use and other programming ideas for all ages.  Google Cardboard, the Oculus Rift, and other headsets have made it possible for libraries to delve into this exciting technology.  Join us to discover how.
Presenter:  Amy Dalton / Johnson County Public Library

The World War I Centennial:  Getting Involved – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  3/28/17   Format:  Archived YouTube Video
On April 6, 1917, the United States officially declared war on the German Empire and entered World War I. This remains America’s forgotten war, although more Americans gave their lives than in Korea and Vietnam combined. Indiana and the World War I Centennial Commission will be commemorating the World War I Centennial over the next two years and using it an opportunity to educate Hoosiers about the war’s causes and consequences and to honor the sacrifice of Indiana men and women who served.  Want to learn more about World War I and get involved in the Centennial? This webinar will educate attendees on ways to get involved as an institution or an individual and serve as a starting point to learn about events and exhibits happening in the state and around the country. Use this webinar as a tool to spark participation within your library!  Join Lauren Patton, Indiana Librarian at the Indiana State Library for this exciting event.
Presenter:  Lauren Patton / Indiana State Library

Genealogy 101 – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  3/21/2017  Format:  Archived YouTube Video
Researching family histories can be fun, exciting, and provide a rewarding experience, but where does a novice researcher start? The genealogy librarians at the Indiana State Library have created an introductory level webinar, Genealogy 101. This webinar is designed with the novice researcher in mind and will help you start your journey. Topics to be covered include: the first steps, what information can be found in different record sets, and common mistakes or pitfalls to avoid.
Presenters: Crystal Ward and Alice Winslow / Genealogy Division, Indiana State Library

Libraries and Summer Meals: Food, Fun, and Friends – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  3/21/2017  Format:  Archived YouTube Video
This webinar will introduce you to the many ways that the USDA Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), administered by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) and sponsored by local community agencies, makes a difference in the lives of Hoosier children.  Participants will discover the important role that local libraries can play during the summer by helping all children and youth, ages 18 and younger, have access to free nutritious meals when many are facing a daily battle with hunger because they are no longer receiving meals in schools.  Becoming a program partner can provide a great opportunity to increase the participation in your library’s summer programming.  Join Tina Skinner from the Indiana Department of Education and Marra Honeywell from the Allen County Public Library as they explain the program in detail and how it worked in the past at the Allen County Public Library.
Presenters:  Tina Skinner / Indiana Department of Education and Marra Honeywell / Allen County Public Library

Services for Seniors and Caregivers – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  3/14/2017  Format:  Archived YouTube Video
It is essential that every Hoosier, and certainly our library personnel, have a good working knowledge of the resources available to make caregivers’ lives easier.  This webinar provides vital information on community resources such as CICOA and the other members of the Indiana Association of Area Agencies on Aging (a vast network for information, referral, and specific kinds of services designed to improve quality of life and sustain the greatest possible independence for elderly persons, people with a disability and their family caregivers).  Informed family caregivers are the backbone of successful care, and library personnel are in a key position to steer patrons to the information they need.
Presenter: Kate Kunk / CICOA Aging & In-Home Solutions

Introduction to INSPIRE – 1TLEU
Date Recorded:  2/16/17    Format:  Archived YouTube Video
Millions of articles, hundreds of government websites, and countless catalog records are all available to you through the INSPIRE. You’ll learn search tips, discover unique collections, and explore a valuable, reliable tool available to all Hoosiers in this 32 minute overview of INSPIRE.
Presenter:  Paula Newcom / Indiana State Library

Simplified Technology Training for the Public: How One Library Evolved to Fit Technology Needs of the Community – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  2/9/2017   Format:  Archived YouTube Video
In 2015 the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library had an all-too-familiar problem to solve: how to fulfill the need for technology help in the community. While they previously offered formal computer classes, the library found that customers were wanting technology help on their terms. The technology team at the library took a step back and decided to take a very informal approach to tackle the problem, and thus “Digital Drop In” was born. “Digital Drop In” is a weekly 2-hour window where people can come in with any and all technology questions, and team with tech-savvy library staff are available to help as best they can. From old answering machines to brand new tablets and laptops, and from quick questions to weekly visitors, the “Digital Drop In” has been a great success and has eliminated the library’s need for traditional computer classes.
Presenter:  Laura Brack / Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library

Researching with State & Federal Government Resources – 1TLEU
Date Recorded:  2/8/17    Format:  Archived YouTube Video
Are you or your patrons looking for an authoritative source for information when filling out that grant application, completing a research paper, or just wanting to know what your elected representatives are doing? Learn the ins and outs of searching for government information in the Indiana State Library’s collections and on government websites. This webinar is designed to provide an introductory overview for locating current or historical government information. No prerequisite knowledge required.
Presenter:  Brent Abercrombie and Andrea Glenn / Indiana State Library

Make Your Library a Coder Dojo – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  1/26/17    Format:  Archived YouTube Video
Are you looking for a fun, easy way to incorporate computer science and coding into your program offerings? Look no further! During this session we will cover all the necessary logistics to start a CoderDojo coding club at your library. CoderDojo is a flexible, open source program designed to introduce kids to computer science in a fun environment. CoderDojo Indiana provides fundraising and curriculum support (as well as some student and volunteer marketing tools) and you guys set your own club schedule and let us know what you need to succeed– Join us to learn more and get your questioned answered!
Presenter:  Courtney Lambert / TechPoint Foundation for Youth

Bookkeeping Workshop for Libraries- 2 LEUs
Date Recorded:  11/2/16  Format:  Archived YouTube Video
The Bookkeeping Workshop provides public library directors, business managers, bookkeepers, treasurers, and library trustees with the latest from State Board of Accounts on end of year duties, internals controls and threshold of materiality.
Presenters:  Linda Baker, Todd Caldwell, Susan Gordon, and Leann Tinsley / Indiana State Board of Accounts

How do I Know if I’m Stressed? – 1 LEU
Date Recorded: 10/28/16  Format:  Archived YouTube Video
Do you ever feel stressed? Most individuals will answer “yes” to this question. With the holidays fast approaching many feel additional stress besides the everyday stress. Learn the triggers and warning signs of stress and how to manage your stress.
Presenter:  Lisa R. Cangany / Purdue Extension Health and Human Services

Get Gaming in Your Library – 1 LEU
Date Recorded: 10/25/16  Format:  Archived YouTube Video
While the world is full of apps, shiny game consoles & massive online games, more traditional sorts of games are more popular than ever. Second Generation Game Geek, Jennifer Taylor, Programming Services Librarian from the Hagerstown Public Library, will talk about the world of tabletop gaming. We will discuss the multiple varieties of board games, card games & role-playing games out there, and how to use these as the means to bring people together. We will cover how libraries can incorporate circulating games into their collection and game-related programming into their services. And we will look at some of the available resources that libraries can use to learn more about gaming.
Presenter:  Jennifer Taylor / Hagerstown Public Library

Indiana’s State Data Center: Access the Data you Need! – 1 LEU 
Date Recorded:  6/17/16    Format:  Archived YouTube Video
What do you need Indiana’s State Data Center for? Demographic data for your next grant proposal, raw data to compare this year’s statewide economy to last year’s, fun facts to share with your students and patrons, and much more.
Presenter: Katherine Bourne Springer / Indiana State Data Center Program, Indiana State Library

Deweyless, No Regrets:  Living Without Dewey – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  5/12/16     Format:  Archived YouTube Video
The Wells County Public Library has survived 2 years without Dewey and no regrets! What started out as a project about changing numbers to words, became a whole new way of organizing, classifying, labeling and thinking about the library’s entire collection.  The decision to ditch Dewey took much longer than the actual process of developing a new classification system and relabeling more than 85,000 items. Stephanie Davis, Director of the Wells County Public Library will share their experience.
Presenter: Stephanie Davis / Wells County Public Library

Government Websites for Kids – 1 TLEU
Date Recorded:  12/4/2015   Format:  Archived YouTube Video
Covers some well-known and possibly not so well-known government websites for kids and young adults. Media specialists, children’s librarians, and parents will be able to use this information to share with patrons, kids, and young adults to help them navigate safe websites with useful information, resources, and games. 
Presenters: Kimberly Brown-Harden / Indiana State Library and Angela Dubinger / Indiana State Library

Certification & Standards, 2017 and Beyond – 1 LEU
Follow the links below for more information about changes in library certification in Indiana starting in 2017. The webinar below was recorded on 12/15/2016.

Evergreen’s Online Training Interface – LMS
Indiana’s Evergreen libraries can brush up on their skills by signing up for courses in the Evergreen Online Training Interface Learning Management System.  Once you complete a course, and LEU certificate is generated for you.


Online Training from Other Providers

Rosetta Stone Introduction – 1 TLEU
Date Recorded:  9/6/2016  Format:  MP4 Recording
Join us for a 45 minute webinar to take a deeper look at The Rosetta Stone Library Solution for Libraries through EBSCO Information Services. We will address everything from Methodology, Authentication, Remote Access, Supplemental Materials, Mobile Application, Reporting and more!
Presenter:  Leyna Damico / Rosetta Stone

Student Loan Interest – 1 LEU
Date Recorded:  4/17/2015    Format:  Archived YouTube Video
This YouTube video is eligible for 1 LEU and is about 40 minutes long.  This is a great video to watch if you have debt from taking college courses.  Are you preparing to graduate? Are you curious about reducing your federal loan payment? Want to find out how you can have your loans forgiven? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this informative presentation.
Presenter: Nathan Lohr / IUPUI

WebJunction’s Collection Development Sequence – 9 LEUS
WebJunction has some free online courses to help libraries with basic skill development in foundational library topics.  Their Collection Development Sequence can be taken on your own time.  Create a log in for WebJunction to get started.
ABLE 1:  Collection Development Basics = 1 LEU
ABLE 2:  Collection Development Policy = 2 LEUs
ABLE 3:  Building a Collection = 2 LEUs
ABLE 4:  Collection Maintenance = 2 LEUs
SABLE 5:  Merchandizing = 2 LEUs

WebJunction’s Technical Services Sequence – 10 LEUS
WebJunction has some free online courses to help libraries with basic skill development in foundational library topics.  Their Technical Services Sequence can be taken on your own time. Create a log in for WebJunction to get started.
SABLE 5:  Introduction to Technical Services and Catalog Records = 2 LEUs
SABLE 6:  Introduction to Subject Headings = 3 LEUs
SABLE 7:  Introduction to Dewey Classification = 3 LEUs
SABLE 8:  Introduction to MARC Cataloging = 2 LEUs

WebJunction’s Public Services Sequence – 9 LEUS
WebJunction has some free online courses to help libraries with basic skill development in foundational library topics.  Their Public Services Sequence can be taken on your own time. Create a log in for WebJunction to get started.
ABLE 9:  The Reference Interview = 2 LEUs
ABLE 10:  Evaluating Reference Sources = 2 LEUs
ABLE 11:  Basic Reference Sources = 3 LEUs
ABLE 12:  Ethics and Public Service = 2 LEUs


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