Building an Autism Friendly Environment – 1 LEU

image of rainbow and autismAs one of the few public places where peace and quiet can often be found, libraries have long served autistic children and adults well. Still, popular group activities held at libraries can be an issue for autistic children who can easily become overwhelmed by the noise and activity of peers. Librarians and staff can become overwhelmed as well, when responses to sensory or social inaccessibility lead to what some people call “behaviors.” In this presentation, we will discuss brain differences in autism and how these create unique sensory profiles which in turn determine responses to the environment. You will learn about the sensory and social needs of autistic people and how to create an environment that promotes calmness and security, as well as how to prevent or respond to meltdowns. The presentation also includes book recommendations for all ages.

Presenter Bev Harp is Project Director for Innovative Supports for Autistic Workers (ISAW), a project of the Human Development Institute (HDI) and is self-advocate faculty for LEND at the University of Kentucky. Bev is an autistic self-advocate who has presented at national conferences for APSE, AHEAD, TASH, and many other organizations. She holds a master’s degree in social work from the University of Kentucky.

Date Recorded: 11/9/2023

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter:  Bev Harp, Project Director / Innovative Supports for Autistic Workers (ISAW)