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Planting the seeds of leadership: Growing your skills at any level – 1 LEU

image of seedling hand wateredLeadership training has traditionally been reserved for those in formal management and administrator positions, but there is a wealth of research that shows the benefits of providing this training to employees at all levels. Organizations that invest in leadership training draw talented employees and are better positioned to withstand crises. Professionals who attend workshops and trainings report greater opportunities for personal and professional growth and increased satisfaction at work. In this talk intended for library staff of all levels, I will address the benefits of attending leadership training, such as improved communication, increased community impact, and greater work culture of care and support. You will hear concrete strategies of growing your skillset and finding leadership opportunities and have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss ideas.

Date Recorded: 5/3/2023

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter:  Jenni Burke, Science Librarian / Butler University



Game Master Librarian Part One: How You and Your Library can be a Portal for TTRPG Learning Experiences – 1 LEU

image of colorful diceTabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) – Dungeons & Dragons being the most popular example – can positively impact the multiple facets of students’ lives: academics, durable skills, social-emotional learning. In Part One of our two part series, let’s quest together as we encounter how research supports using TTRPGs in education, explore stories of teachers using TTRPGs in their classrooms, and discover ideas and ways that librarians and the library can play a critical role in making such transformative game-based learning a success. 

Before the webinar begins, please complete Slides 3-5 of the “Character Sheet Reflection Tool” (i.e. “Before the Quest”). We will complete the second half (“At the End of the Quest”) of the Reflection Tool at the end of the webinar.

ADAM WATSON (@watsonedtech) has been a Kentucky educator since 2005, starting out as a high school English teacher and became National Board Certified in 2013.  In 2014, he was hired at Shelby County Public Schools to be its district Digital Learning Coordinator, where he was a leader in several initiatives, including a 1:1 Chromebook implementation and the launch of Shelby’s Profile of a Graduate.  In his role at Shelby, Adam also was the lead liaison for the district’s librarians.   In 2022, he joined the Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC) as a Deeper Learning Design Specialist.  Adam is a frequent presenter, PD facilitator, and published writer on innovative education, particularly on the topics of edtech and game-based learning.  In 2019, KySTE (the state chapter of the International Society for Technology in Education) named him the Outstanding Leader of the Year.  For more on Adam’s educational journey, please visit

Date Recorded: 5/8/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Adam Watson, Digital Learning Coordinator / Shelby County Public Schools



2024 Getting Started with Girls Who Code – 1 LEU

girls who code logo Girls Who Code wants to give you the tools and resources you need to develop inclusive computer science programming – no coding experience required. Join us to learn about our free Clubs program for 3rd-12th grade coders. We’ll introduce you to our three essential components for quality programming: (1) activities that teach coding and social-emotional development, (2) a culture of bravery where participants join a supportive community of peers and role models in tech, and (3) real-world application of coding for positive impact. Leave with step-by-step guidance for bringing new STEM initiatives to young people in your community!

Presenter:  Kibret Yebetit is a Senior Manager of Community Partnerships & Outreach at Girls Who Code. She works with educators, libraries, and nonprofits to bring free computer science education to their students.

Date Recorded: 5/9/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Kibret Yebetit / Senior Manager of Community Partnerships & Outreach at Girls Who Code



2024 Navigating Book Selections with Book Resumes on TeachingBooks – 1 LEU

teaching books logoReceive insights, reports, and confidence around the titles you choose for displays, storytimes, and even faceout displays. Book resumes provide you with the book’s bona fides: awards, reviews, genres, reading levels, and more. Collection analysis reports give you insights into diversity, recency, fiction/non-fiction, and more – while also helping you identify titles for possible augmentation. Both tools provide immediate documentation and consistent information about the titles in your library. The goal of this session is to return to your library equipped with support and increasing confidence in your collections.

Date Recorded: 4/11/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenters: TeachingBooks staff


What the Research Says – Digital Privacy in libraries as Digital Literacy – 1 LEU

image of lock on html codeArticle VII of the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights states that “Libraries should advocate for, educate about, and protect people’s privacy”. With the proliferation of digital services available through libraries both public and academic, this imperative extends out beyond the walls of the library and into the realm of digital privacy. In this webinar, one librarian will talk through the preparation and implementation of three different programs on this topic: an online resource, a workshop at Monroe County Public Library, and a program at Indiana University Libraries. Through these examples, participants will discover various resources to support similar initiatives.

Date Recorded: 3/27/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: James Henry Smith, Jay Visiting Information Literacy Librarian /
Indiana University Libraries



Digital Preservation 101: What Libraries Should Know – 1 LEU

image of man digitizing bookWhen digitizing materials from your library, preservation is just as important as access. In this presentation from representatives of Indiana Digital Preservation, or InDiPres, you will learn what digital preservation entails, including the processes that InDiPres uses to prepare and include content into its preservation network, and how this practice is essential to any library’s digital initiatives plan.

Date Recorded: 2/22/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter:  Justin Clark, Digital Initiatives Director of the Indiana Historical Bureau, a division of the Indiana State Library and serves as Chair Emeritus of Indiana Digital Preservation (InDiPres)



What the research says – playful lectures: how games can help learning – 1 LEU

image of men and women playing board gamePlaying board games can be a wonderful way to pass your time, but they can also be an engaging method of complementing traditional learning techniques. These games can be existing commercial or freely available games, as well as games developed specifically for a particular class. This webinar will focus on university education and how games can help teach concepts and theories that students discuss during lectures, as well as how game-based project work can help students to build research skills.

Date Recorded: 2/21/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Dr. Pijus Krūminas, Associate Professor / ISM University of Management and Economics


Wow! Workone Can Help You! – 1 LEU

image of workone logo start here go anywhere american job center indianaThis session covers the employment services that WorkOne provides.  From Career Counseling to Job Referrals to Hiring Events to Workshops to Training Assistance, WorkOne has much to offer. After this workshop, attendees will understand the value and accessibility of WorkOne services.

Date Recorded: 3/26/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Bryann H. Gibson, Sr. Outreach and WorkOne System Liaison / WorkOne


Nature Play Days at our Local Libraries – 1 LEU

ICAN logo tree shaped as a heartJoin Indiana Children and Nature Network (ICAN) to explore nature play possibilities at your library! Learn what ICAN Nature Play Days are, who can host one (YOUR LIBRARY!), how to organize and plan a nature play day, nature play activity and book ideas, tips on connecting with partners and sponsors, and practical experiences from nature play day hosts. ICAN Nature Play Days are June 1st-9th in 2024.

Presenter: Dr. Carla Gull volunteers as the state coordinator of Indiana Children and Nature Network and is on her local library board. She is the coordinator of and associate professor in the master of arts in environmental education at Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center of Goshen College. She is coauthor of the book, Loose Parts Learning in K-3 Classrooms, and hosts the podcast, Loose Parts Nature Play.

Date Recorded: 3/13/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Dr. Carla Gull / State Coordinator of Indiana Children and Nature Network & Professor at Goshen College



Talking Book and Braille Library: Helping the Visual, Physical and Reading Disabled Hoosier – 1 LEU

In this webinar, you will learn about the talking book library. Who they are, what they do, who they serve, and the programs and services they provide.

Date Recorded: 2/28/2024

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Abby Chumin, librarian at the Talking Book and Braille Library / Indiana State Library