Face-to-Face Trainings Offered by the Indiana State Library

Do you need a training for a staff day, round table, or counterparts meeting?  Book a PDO staff member to give one of the trainings below.  Please follow the Indiana State Library’s Face to Face Training Policy when booking a trainer.  Choose from the following broad categories:

Communication | Customer Service | INSPIRE Databases | ISL Services | Programming | Security | Technology | Youth Services


Communication in the Library
Good communication is key in the library, but how often do we take the time to evaluate whether we’re doing it well?  At this session we’ll improve our listening skills and make sure we’re sending the right messages to our audience, whether we’re speaking to a co-worker or patron.  We’ll also discuss barriers to clear communication.  Enhanced group exercises are included.  2 General LEUs / 90 minutes

Community Engagement: What does it REALLY Mean?
Community Engagement is a trendy term these days, but what does it really mean? (Hint: it’s not the same thing as outreach!) In this session, we’ll discuss what community engagement actually is (and what it’s not), look at a few examples of libraries who are successfully using community engagement, and cover some of the tools available for getting more engaged in your community.  1 General LEU / 50 minutes
This training is currently not one of PDO’s offerings, please contact your Regional Coordinator for further details. 9-11-2018

It’s Complicated: Dealing with Workplace Conflict
Dealing with mean, sarcastic, argumentative or manipulating co-workers?  You can’t change them, but you can change how you deal with them or how you perceive them. Learn specific tips and different approaches when dealing with difficult situations.  Find your inner strength to survive these challenging co-workers!   Enhanced activities are included.  2 General LEUs / 90 minutes

Mis-Manners:  You Might be Sabotaging Your Career
This is a tongue-in-cheek training about workplace etiquette.   The concepts covered are common sense, but some may benefit from humorous reminders and scenarios about how the little things matter in the workplace.  1 General LEU / 50 minutes.  Training with enhanced activities:  2 General LEUs/ 90 minutes

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Customer Service

Compassion Fatigue: When Helpers Get Tired of Helping
You love your job, your organization, and your community. But there can still be days when you feel like you have nothing left to give. If at the end of the day you feel drained, or irritated, or both, you may have “compassion fatigue.” Compassion fatigue, also known as secondary traumatic stress (STS), is a condition characterized by a gradual lessening of compassion over time. This session will help you recognize the symptoms and the situations that may trigger compassion fatigue and understand how it affects you and your working environment. Explore ways to take care of yourself so you can continue to show compassion and give your patrons the care they need.  1 General LEU / 50 minutes

Customer Service
In a library, every interaction is an opportunity for great customer service. This comprehensive workshop is designed for all staff, not just new, front-line staff. Refocus, reenergize, and retrain your staff on excellent patron service, from the phone, to email, to face-to-face interactions. Internal customer service is also included.  1 General LEU / 50 minutes

Managing Conflict in the Library
“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it.  That factor is attitude.”
Anyone who works with others is very likely to be a party to some disagreements on occasion but conflict doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  This training focuses on ways library staff can work with patrons and co-workers to resolve conflict in the workplace and empower them to manage the stress resulting from conflict. Enhanced exercises are included.  2 General LEUs / 90 minutes

Professionalism in the Workplace
Professionalism doesn’t always mean what position you hold at a library. It can also mean how you show honesty and responsibility in any position you hold. This presentation will discuss topics such as dress codes, appropriate workplace language and conversations, diversity, and electronic communication issues. Small group exercises are also included. 2 General LEUs / 90 minutes

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INSPIRE Databases

Introduction to INSPIRE
Millions of articles, hundreds of government websites, and countless catalog records are all available to you through the INSPIRE. You’ll learn search tips, discover unique collections, and explore a valuable, reliable tool available to all Hoosiers. 1 Technology LEU / 50 minutes

Train the INSPIRE Trainer
Want to help your patrons or students get ahead of the curve at work and in the classroom?   Need help teaching your users about INSPIRE?  No idea on how to start?  Look no further!  This hands on training will give you the tools needed to teach your library users how to get the most out of INSPIRE – Indiana’s free virtual library.   You will be provided with a basic PowerPoint presentation, sample script and lots of tips on how to adapt this presentation for many different groups. It is recommended that you take the Introduction to INSPIRE training, either in person or by watching the video, before taking Train the INSPIRE Trainer.  2 Technology LEUs / 90 minutes

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ISL Services

Indiana Center for the Book
The ICB resides in the Indiana State Library but it’s not a place you can visit.  Sound like a conundrum?  Learn about the contests, the Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award, and other literary activities coordinated by the Indiana Center for the Book, which is an official affiliate of the Library of Congress. Yes. THAT Library of Congress.  1 General LEU / 50 minutes

Services from the ISL
Make sure you are getting the most out of your Indiana State Library by learning more about all the services the ISL offers.  From Book Club Kits for kids to reference services for librarians, there’s something for everyone. 1 General LEU / 50 minutes

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Earth, wind & fire – be prepared if disaster strikes!
Disasters can come in many forms!  So whether it be a roof leak, an active shooter, or an F5 tornado, make sure you have a plan for recovery, restoring and rebuilding!  Will cover writing a disaster plan, impact on staff and how preparedness helps if disaster strikes.  2 General LEUs / 90 minutes

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Google Drive, Apps and Docs
In this training you will learn the difference between Google drive, Google docs, and Google apps, and how to use them effectively together.  Also included is live demonstrations on how to use Google docs, sheets, slides, hangouts, and more!  1 Technology LEU / 50 minutes

Maker Space  and Robot training are now available on our new Moodle – click for more information (1-16-2018)

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Youth Services

Booktalking to Children and Teens
If you’re looking for a way to get into schools and to make connections with both kids and teachers, you should start booktalking!  Booktalking is an excellent way to get your audiences excited about books–both new and old, fiction or non-fiction–and provides a perfect opportunity for outreach and engagement.  This introductory session covers the why’s and the how’s of presenting a booktalk.  Are you already an experienced “booktalker?”  Come prepared to share your experiences!  1 General LEU / 60 minutes

Children’s Services from the Indiana State Library
This session is all about making your job easier by taking advantage of services offered to you from the Indiana State Library. Book Club Kits, grant opportunities, listservs and more! This session provides an overview of the services the Indiana State Library, including the Indiana Center for the Book and the Indiana Young Readers Center, provides for libraries serving children and teens. 1 General LEU / 40 minutes

Collaborative Summer Library Program
Get started planning your Summer Library Program by attending one of our Collaborative Summer Library Program Trainings/Round Tables across the state!  Join the Indiana State Library for this training where you will be introduced to the theme, the artwork, and the manual for the current year’s CSLP Summer Reading Program, followed by a round table discussion of programming ideas.  Attendees should bring their own program ideas to share with the group.  We want to hear what your library is up to and what you’re excited about!  NOTE:  These trainings are scheduled annually by the State Library’s Children’s Consultant and are generally held December-March each year.  They are presented both face-to-face and in a webinar format.  Check the Events Calendar for upcoming opportunities!  LEUs dependent on time spent.  These trainings are scheduled by the Indiana State Library.

Every Child Read to Read 2.0
Talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing!  These are the things that parents need to do to ensure that their young child is ready to learn to read when they reach kindergarten.  This workshop will introduce attendees to the Every Child Ready to Read program and will discuss ways to implement the program during storytime.  Join us for this interactive workshop that will provide you with concrete examples for using ECRR in your library.  NOTE:  These trainings are scheduled annually by the State Library’s Children’s Consultant and are generally held in multiple libraries throughout the state.  LEUs dependent on time spent.  These trainings are scheduled by the Indiana State Library.

Programs for Teens
In this session, you will get concrete examples of great teen-tested programs for your library.  We’ll cover crafts, technology, clubs, and community involvement in this session that’s sure to spice up your offerings.  This training is perfect for teen services round tables and other gatherings of youth services librarians.  1 General LEU / 60 minutes

Readers’ Advisory for Youth
In this session, we will talk about how to articulate a book’s appeal to a patron, the readers’ advisory interview, and tools we can use to match readers to books.  This class focuses specifically on best practices for Readers’ Advisory for Youth and does not include an overview of current titles. This interactive session allows participants to practice their RA skills and is great for youth services staff looking for a refresher course as well as adult librarians who’d like more insight into providing RA to youth.  2 General LEUs / 90 minutes

Serving Homeschoolers
The numbers of homeschoolers are steadily increasing in Indiana every year and often those families are heavy library users.  Learners will leave this workshop understanding why families may choose to homeschool, the methods parents may use to homeschool their children, why the library is a natural partner for homeschoolers, and with suggestions for how their library might better serve this population.  This training is appropriate for all staff, as all library staff may encounter homeschoolers in some way.  1 General LEU / 60 minutes

Teen Development
Please be quieter. You are in a library. Please don’t push your friends. You are in a library. Please stop kissing your girlfriend. You are in a library.  Ever feel like a broken record when it comes to tackling teen behavior? Feel like you should support them, but what’s the point? This workshop will cover these topics and more in this session all about why teens act the way they do and how you can support them in your library.  Library staff in all departments can benefit from a deeper understanding of the teens they encounter in the library, so this training is perfect for general sessions at staff days.  1 General LEU / 60 minutes

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