ISL’s Online Training – 2022

The Indiana State Library presents webinars and training sessions free each month for individuals who are employed by Indiana libraries, as well as Indiana library board members. Experience these sessions from the comfort of your own library.  No driving required! Registration information can be found on our Calendar and more sessions are added throughout the year.

Archived trainings are open access and can be found on our Archived Trainings page within 30 days of the training being broadcast. Everyone who registers for the webinars will be sent a link to the recording afterwards.

Out of state library workers are welcome to attend our live webinars, however, please note that Indiana residents will receive first priority. The Indiana State Library reserves the right to cancel the registration of an out of state attendee if the maximum number of registrants for a webinar is reached.

Are you interested in presenting a webinar for the Indiana State Library?  Please fill out the Webinar Proposal form to submit your idea.

Join us for 50 minute sessions addressing a variety of library topics.   Each session will be moderated by an Indiana State Library staff member and will feature a variety of library related content.  Click on the event for more information.  Find past trainings on our Archived Trainings page.

Creating Informed Learners in the Classroom:  Librarian Experiences of Developing a Multi-Institutional Information Literacy Project

Date: 5/10/22 Time: 11:00 AM EST Format: Zoom Webinar

The Creating Informed Learners in the Classroom project, made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (RE-13-19-0021-19), facilitated librarian-instructor partnerships to integrate information-rich student projects into disciplinary classrooms. The project was a partnership between librarians at Purdue University, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the University of Arizona. Over the course of 4 weekly online sessions, the project team trained 15 librarian-instructor teams (5 from each university) to use an information literacy framework called Informed Learning Design to design student projects that enable students to use information in new ways to learn in their courses.

In this 60-minute webinar, members of the project team will:

  •   Describe the informed learning design framework and how it shaped the 4-week online curriculum
  •   Present preliminary data and results from a research study about how instructors and librarians experienced using the informed learning framework
  •  Describe the multi-institution partnership and how we worked together to develop and facilitate the CILC program
  • Share our experiences, insights, and lessons learned about developing an information literacy program for librarians and instructors

We look forward to sharing our experiences, answer your questions, and facilitate a conversation about similar opportunities at other institutions across Indiana.

Presenters: Clarence Maybee – W. Wayne Booker Chair in Information Literacy, Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies
Rachel Fondator – Information Literacy Instructional Designer, Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies
Amity Saha – Graduate Assistant, Purdue University Libraries and School of Information Studies

logo for Indiana's INSPIRE databases

What’s Up Wednesday (Get INSIRED):  Marketing Tools for INSPIRE – 1 TLEU

Date: 5/11/22 Time: 10:00 AM EST Format: Zoom Webinar

Find out about the marketing tools available to promote INSPIRE in your library.  We will show you how to go beyond pens and pencils to social media, promotional videos and more.

Presenters: John Wekluk, Communications Director / Indiana State Library and representatives from Jarbo Marketing

What Can EveryLibrary Do For You?

Date: 5/12/22 Time: 1:30 AM EST Format: Zoom Webinar

Are you stressed about the attacks on librarians and library values happening across the country? Would you like to be better prepared and more confident in fighting back against challenges, AND proactively positioning your library for future success? Then this webinar is for you.  Tune it to learn more about

  • Pro bono services and support offered by EveryLibrary to libraries, boards, coalition partners,
  •  and local citizens who are advocating for libraries.
  • How EveryLibrary is offering “rapid response” support in crisis situations, while also building
  •  sustainable local and national political power by identifying library supporters across the country.
  • How to innoculate yourselves, your boards, and your policies against challenges and anti-access
  •  legislation at local and state levels
  • How to build effective messaging and strategies for defending the library from challenges, and
  •  engaging the community about the value of the libraries.

Presenter:  Peter Bromberg, Associate Director, EveryLibrary

Cole Zrostlik

Canva Demo and Q & A:  Ask Questions, Get Answers from an Amateur Designer and Professional Librarian – 1 TLEU

Date: 5/17/22 Time: 10:00 AM EST Format: Zoom Webinar

This session will include a demonstration of Canva, the web-based graphic design and publishing tool. Learn tips and tricks that will help you do more with Canva and help you create graphics that capture the attention of your audience. Please submit your Canva questions on this form, these will help guide the presentation.

Presenter: Cole Zrostlik, Collaborative Consultant, Winding Rivers Library System (Wisconsin).  Cole Zrostlik (she/her) has been joyfully creating with a computer since before she could read. She has worked in Wisconsin public libraries for more than ten years, loves making stuff, and wants to help create fearless (and well-informed) technology users!

What’s Up Wednesday:  All About LibraryReads

Date: 5/25/22 Time: 10:00 AM EST Format: Zoom Webinar

LibraryReads is the monthly nationwide library staff picks list for adult fiction and non-fiction. We draw upon the incredible power that public library staff has in helping to build word-of-mouth for new books. Learn how you can become part of this program by getting the chance to read pre-pub titles for free and use your votes to help create the list! This session will cover: the how and why of LibraryReads; how to access free print and downloadable galley copies of the hottest upcoming books; how to vote for the LibraryReads list; and more! Check out ahead of time and come with questions for our presenters!

Presenters:  Rebecca Vnuk, Executive Director, LibraryReads, Michelle Morris, Fort Worth TX Public Library, Kelly Currie, formerly Delphi Public Library Director, Delphi, IN

Kate Kosior

What’s Up Wednesday – Get INSPIRED:  I See a Library!  Making Libraries More Accessible to the Visually Impaired – 1 LEU

Date: 6/8/22 Time: 10:00 AM EST Format: Zoom Webinar

It’s a daunting tasks for librarians to consider how best to welcome visually impaired patrons into their libraries.  However, with a better understanding of what vision loss is, you can make quick, easy, and inexpensive changes to your library that will open the doors more fully to those with vision loss.  Learn more about vision loss and how to quickly and easily change your flyers and presentations, physical space, technology, and signage to be more accessible

Presenter: Kate Kosior, Braille and Talking Book Library Manager / South Dakota State Library

NetGallery logo green circle with white arrow

What’s Up Wednesday:  NetGalley for Libraries:  Live Demo & Overview – 1 LEU

Date: 6/29/22 Time: 10:00 AM EST Format: Zoom Webinar

NetGalley is a free website for librarians to request and download digital review copies and audiobooks, while connecting with publishers and staying up to date with upcoming releases. The service is quick, efficient, secure, and always free for library staff. Learn how to get started (registration, filling in your Profile, and requesting your first book or audiobook), helpful features and tools, and ways NetGalley can specifically help librarians with collection development and readers’ advisory.

Presenters: Tarah Theoret, Senior Director of Community Experience and Hallie Fields, Social Media Assistant Manager / NetGalley

Suzanne Macaulay

What’s Up Wednesday:  Beginner’s Guide to Being in Charge – 1 LEU

Date: 9/28/22 Time: 10:00 AM EST Format: Zoom Webinar

Moving into a new leadership role can be overwhelming and intimidating. This presentation will go over some dos and don’ts to help new leaders feel more confident and become more effective in their current and future roles. Participants will learn some common mistakes new leaders make (and how to avoid them), how to conquer feelings of doubt or imposter syndrome, and practical leadership techniques. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of creating a support network, investing in personal and professional development, and recognizing the value, knowledge, and skillset new leaders bring to their organizations.

Presenter: Suzanne Macaulay, Deputy Director / Pioneer Library System (NY)

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