ISL’s Online Training Series – 2017

The Indiana State Library presents webinars and training sessions free each month for individuals who are employed by Indiana libraries, as well as Indiana library board members. Experience these sessions from the comfort of your own library.  No driving required! Registration information can be found on our Calendar and more sessions are added throughout the year.

Archived trainings are open access and can be found on our Archived Trainings page within 30 days of the training being broadcast. Everyone who registers for the webinars will be sent a link to the recording afterwards.

Out of state library workers are welcome to attend our live webinars, however, please note that Indiana residents will receive first priority. The Indiana State Library reserves the right to cancel the registration of an out of state attendee if the maximum number of registrants for a webinar is reached.

Are you interested in presenting a webinar for the Indiana State Library?  Please fill out the Webinar Proposal form to submit your idea.

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Archived Trainings 

Join us for 50 minute sessions addressing a variety of library topics.   Each session will be moderated by an Indiana State Library staff member and will feature content from a partner in the field.  Click on the event for more information.  Find past trainings in this series on our Archived Trainings page.


Graphic Design for Libraries Series: Introduction to Canva – 1TLEU
Date: 9/6/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Want to create dynamic promotional materials with less stress and less time? Canva, an online graphic design tool, may be your best option. During this session you will learn how to create attractive materials with this relatively simple online tool. You will also learn about Canva for Nonprofits, a free premium version for nonprofits with team sizes of 10 members or less.
Presenter:  Matthew Stephenson / Pendleton Community Public Library

TED and Libraries: Ideas Worth Sharing at Places Designed for Sharing – 1 LEU
Date: 9/12/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
This webinar will explore opportunities for libraries related to the world of TED – including, but not limited to, staging a TEDx event and hosting an ongoing TED Ed Club. The presenters will discuss their ongoing partnership, full of successes and failures, while inspiring librarians to bring these two worlds together at their own libraries.
Presenter:  Kevin MacDowell/ Monroe County Public Library

INSPIRE Town Hall – 1 TLEU
Date: 9/21/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Have a question about INSPIRE?  Join us!  A panel of four INSPIRE experts from academic, public, school and the Indiana State Library will tell us how they use INSPIRE at their library, how INSPIRE helps their patrons and their favorite thing about INSPIRE.  Find out about the wonderful resources INSPIRE provides to Indiana students and lifelong learners.  We’ll take questions at the end and see if you can “stump” our experts!
Presenters:  Janice Swan, Supervising Librarian, Glendale Branch, Indianapolis Public Library (Public); Jill Black, Digital Initiatives Specialist, Indiana State Library (ISL);Josh Petrusa, Associate Dean for Collections and Digital Services, Butler Libraries (Academic); Megan Scott, Library and Information Technology Specialist,  Clinton Prairie Jr/Sr High School (School)

Services for Children with Special Needs: About Special Kids – 1 LEU
Date: 9/26/2017  Time: 1:30 PM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Join us as staff from About Special Kids offers tips and suggestions for interacting with patrons who have special needs.  About Special Kids is Indiana’s Parent to Parent organization that works throughout the state to give support, answer questions and provide information and resources to families of children with special needs.
Presenter:  About Special Kids

School & Public Library Partnerships: The Scoop from a School Librarian – 1 LEU
Date: 9/28/2017  Time: 2:30 PM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Join us a Robyn Young, Avon High School Librarian and ILF Past-President 2017, shares the scoop on what school librarians do as well as the challenges they face.  She’ll offer suggestions for public librarians approaching school media specialists with partnership ideas, discuss the types of partnerships schools are most receptive to, and share information about successful public library partnerships in which she has participated.
Presenter:  Robyn Young / Avon High School

From the Bottom Up: We Overlooked the Misdemeanor (And so can you!) – 1 LEU
Date: 9/29/2017  Time: 2:00 PM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Learn how the Nappanee Public Library is meeting a need in their community by providing a quality, non-judgmental Community service Volunteer Program.  With firm guidelines and expectations in place, a mutually beneficial relationship begins.  With data and support, NPL can prove its value to your library and community. .
Presenters:  Lissa Krull and Lana McCoy, Nappanee Public Library

Have You Heard? There is a Social Worker at the Library! – 1 LEU
Date: 10/4/2017  Time: 2:00 PM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
A partnership between the San Francisco Public Library and the local Department of Public Health resulted in the placement of a social worker at the Main Library to link users to housing and social services. Eventually a job-training component was added, providing opportunities to develop marketable skills for people who had been homeless. Meet and hear the story of a library outreach worker who shares his/her own story to inspire others who are still struggling with homelessness. At the end of this one-hour webinar, participants will gain an understanding of the issues that many of library patrons struggle with such as homelessness, mentally illness, poverty and substance abuse.  Participants will also have strategies for helping homeless library users.  This webinar will be of interest to library front-line staff, primarily in public libraries but useful no matter the setting. Learn more about the San Francisco Public Library’s Homeless Outreach Team by clinking on this hyperlink.  
Presenter:  Leah Esguerra / San Francisco Public Library

a stack of newspapersUsing Newspapers in Your Family History Research – 1 LEU
Date: 10/17/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
In this program, we will explore how to use newspapers more effectively to research family history.  Using newspaper columns, obituaries, death notices, and articles, you can better piece together family ties during times when other types of records did not exist. Newspaper digitization is a new technology that we will discuss, as well. The Indiana State Library has the world’s largest collection of Indiana newspapers. If you would like to find out how to utilize this vast collection to help with your research, plan to attend this webinar.
Presenter:  Leigh Ann Johnson / Indiana State Library

How to Create a Successful Staff Day – 1 LEU
Date: 10/20/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Staff Day can be an incredible time of training, development, and unity for your entire organization.  It can also be incredibly stressful for the team putting the day together.   Learn tips, tricks, and ideas that will make your next Staff Day a huge success.  From timelines to teambuilding these ideas are sure to help Staff Day go smoothly.
Presenter:  Michelle Merritt, Allen County Public Library

School & Public Library Partnerships: Easy Ideas and Best Practices – 1 LEU
Date: 10/24/2017  Time: 2:00 PM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Hancock County Public Library Children’s Librarian Bambi Pea acts as a liaison between HCPL and the district’s schools.  In this webinar, she’ll share successful ideas for school collaborations and visits, offer advice on how to initiate and maintain relationships with teachers and administrators, and provide insight into making it work from a public library’s perspective.
Presenter:  Bambi Pea / Hancock County Public Library

Wix Wizardry:  Free Websites in a Flash – 1 TLEU
Date: 10/25/2017  Time: 10:00 PM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Attendees will learn what has to offer as a free, drag-and-drop website building tool. They will become familiar with the basics of using the Wix Editor to customize templates and add elements like images, text, pages, menus, and apps.
Presenter:  Alexander Hampton / Indianapolis Public Library

Multi-Cultural Training with the International Language Connection – 1 LEU
Date: 11/6/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
My mother always warned me, “Never discuss religion or politics”, “Never ask a lady her age” “Don’t eat food with your hands”, and “Children should be seen and not heard.” All of these are cultural values, and every culture has a different set that guide how they interact.  Join us and be introduced to the International Language Connection as they teach us how to communicate successfully with others; particularly those who don’t share your cultural values. What picture should you select for your marketing materials? Who should you greet first in a meeting of younger/ older, male/ female customers? When is it appropriate to call an Indian by their first name? Knowing the answers to these questions may predict the success or failure of your relationship with others. This training will help you identify the cultural values you use every day and give you the tools and resources to identify the cultural values of your friends and patrons. An introduction to the International Language Connection, located in Indianapolis, will also be included in this webinar.
Presenter:  Felix Medina / International Language Connection

Tools & Trends in Genealogy – Something for Everyone:   Genealogical Reference Service in the 21st Century – 1 LEU
Date: 11/9/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
These are the very best of times for genealogists and the librarians who serve them – so much information is readily available and so many are engaged in this activity.  A brief environmental scan will set the stage for discussing how to leverage digital assets and physical collections to best serve the widest range of customers.
Presenter:  Curt Witcher, Allen County Public Library

Tips & Tricks to Hosting Large Scale Community Driven Events – 1 LEU
Date: 11/17/2017  Time: 10:00 PM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Often our best resources are those in the very communities we serve.  Whether you’re hosting an author visit, a concert, or a taste event these ideas will help your event go smoothly while relying on affordable resources within your community.
Presenter:  Michelle Merritt, Allen County Public Library

butterflyAnything Can Happen in the Zone: The Whys and Hows of Library Organizational Change – 1 LEU
Date: 11/28/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
All libraries face catalysts for change, and rather than being afraid of change, with effective consideration of the personal aspects felt by staff or patrons, libraries can change many things at the same time. Butler University Libraries had already made progressive changes in public services areas, but Technical Services workflows and organization remained unchanged and bound to legacy practices from decades past. For us, the best catalyst for change was a system migration to a cloud-based library management system. This system migration was tied to organizational restructuring, building rearrangement, and a new strategic plan, each of which intertwined with the details of the migration project and was underpinned by thoughtful analysis of how to help employees through change. Research on technical services departments is discussed in light of how roles change through the streamlined workflows available in a new ILS, and how those changes can have a domino effect, creating space or opportunity to shift responsibilities or spaces in ways long awaited or newly identified. Join us to learn how changes can help refocus a library’s efforts to fulfill what can be an evolving mission, while retaining core strengths and values. This webinar, while delivered by an academic librarian, will also be useful to public libraries wanting to work through big changes.
Presenter:  Josh Petrusa / Butler University’s Irwin Library

Geekspotting 2.0: Building a Popular and Diverse Collection for Your Library – 1 LEU
Date: 11/29/2017  Time: 10:00 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Diversity has been a major issue in pop culture lately.  The demand to include traditionally marginalized voices in comics, movies, TV, and gaming has led to an explosion of material in the past few years.  Join two fellow librarians (who also happen to be geeks) as they explore this issue and help you navigate all the content available with collection development recommendations that can work in your local library.
Presenters:  Alex Sarkissian / Allen County Public Library and Jocelyn Lewis / Indiana State Library

School & Public Library Partnerships: Getting Public Library Access to Students – 1 LEU
Date: 12/5/2017  Time: 10:30 AM EST  Format: Adobe Connect Webinar
Getting public library cards into the hands of all students can be a challenge.  Find out how two libraries worked with their local schools to do just that during this webinar.  First the Jasper County Public Library will share how they began providing Digital Access Cards to their middle and high schools, then Hamilton East Public Library will detail how they began issuing students in their district library cards that have the same number as their student ID.  Both libraries have significantly increased students’ access to their collections by working directly with school librarians and administrators.
Presenter:  Jasper County Public Library and Hamilton East Public Library

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Topics in Academic Libraries

Join us for 1 hour sessions addressing a variety of library topics of interest specifically to Academic Libraries.   Each session will be moderated by an Indiana State Library staff member and will feature content from an academic library.  Recordings will be added to our Archived Trainings page after the event.

Learning Analytics and the Academic Library: What are the Intellectual Freedom and Informational Privacy Issues? – 1 LEU
Date:  10/11/2017  Time:  11:30 AM EST  Format:  Adobe Connect Webinar
Higher education institutions are increasingly looking to mine student data in order to gain new, actionable insights into student behaviors using learning analytics technologies. Purportedly, these insights can help institutions improve student learning outcomes, increase student engagement, decrease time-to-degree measures, and ameliorate graduation rates. While on the face of it these aims are worthy of the resource expenditures necessary to build capacity for and implement learning analytics practices, there are serious serious threats to long-held values. Student privacy, academic and intellectual freedom, and the trustworthy relationships necessary for successful teaching and learning experiences are all affected by data mining practices that dig into and expose intellectual and social behaviors represented in a wide variety of data. This webinar will discuss the on-the-ground practices of learning analytics, how learning analytics specifically threatens these values, and why institutional actors–such as faculty, librarians, and advisors–should take notice. Special emphasis will be placed on particular concerns that arise when libraries participate in learning analytics with relationship to ALA’s Code of Ethics.
Presenter: Kyle Jones / Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis School of Informatics and Computing

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Indiana State Library Services 

What can the Indiana State Library do for you?  More than you think.  Join us for webinars chock-full of tips for using the resources that the Indiana State Library secures for you and your library.  New this year are topics related to the Indiana State Library’s collections; perfect for teaching librarians looking for ideas related to primary sources.

Serving Patrons with Disabilities: Talking Books and Beyond – 1 LEU
Date:  10/19/17    Time: 10:00 AM  EST   Format:  Adobe Connect Webinar

This webinar will focus on free resources available from the Indiana State Library and how you can use them to better serve your patrons with visual or physical disabilities. We will also cover basic assistive technology you can utilize at your library in order to provide a more inclusive library experience.
Presenter:  Maggie Ansty / Indiana State Library

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