Indiana State Library's Professional Development Committee Banner imageThe mission of the Indiana State Library Professional Development Committee is to encourage professional development and ensure that librarians in Indiana are able to obtain the relevant experience and continuing education to further the profession and address the challenges facing libraries.

The Indiana Library Leadership Academy and The Difference is You conference for all library staff have been the most important projects of the PD committee.

Committee Members

IPLA – Small Vacant
IPLA – Medium Jenna Anderson, Kendallville Public Library
IPLA – Medium Nathan Watson, Bedford Public Library
IPLA – Large Cheryl Wright, Indianapolis PL
IPLA – Large Akilah Nosakhere, Muncie Public Library
AISLE Charity Karcz, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School 
AISLE Susie Highley,  Indiana Middle Level Education Association
INSLA Vacant
PALNI Noah Brubaker, Assistant Director, PALNI
Ivy-Tech Marie White, Ivy Tech
ALI Polly Boruff-Jones, IU Kokomo
ALI Courtney Block, Indiana University Southeast [Chair]
IUPUI – LIS Andrea Copeland – IUPUI – LIS
ILF Lucinda Nord, Indiana Library Federation
MCLS Pam Seabolt, Midwest Collaborative for Library Services [Secretary]
Member at Large Dave Eisen, Retired from Mishawaka-Penn-Harris Public Library
Indiana State Library Professional Development Office Supervisor

Charge to Professional Development Committee of the Indiana State Library

A Professional Development (PD) Committee should be formed to:

  • Review and evaluate statewide library professional development.
  • Discuss future enhancements to statewide professional development opportunities.
  • Make recommendations to the State Librarian on continuing education in Indiana libraries.

The PD Committee will advise and report back to the Indiana Library and Historical Board at least quarterly. The PD Committee will be constituted as follows and appointments recommended by the appropriate group to the Indiana Library and Historical Board.

  • Indiana Public Library Association (IPLA) to recommend at least three members, one or more each representing small, medium, and large public libraries.
  • Association for Indiana School Library Educators (AISLE) to recommend at least two members representing school libraries
  • Indiana Chapter, Special Libraries Association (INSLA) to recommend at least one member representing special libraries
  • Academic Libraries of Indiana (ALI) to recommend at least three members, one of which should be an Ivy Tech representative.
  • Other State Agency (DOE, DWD, CHE, etc.) to recommend at least one member
  • Library school program to recommend at least one representative
  • Indiana Library Federation (ILF) executive director (or official representative)
  • State Librarian (or official representative)

Term. PD Committee members will serve a term of three (3) years to commence on July 1.

Officers. The PD Committee shall elect the following officers: Chair, Chair-Elect and Secretary.

Officers’ Duties. The Chair, Chair-Elect, and Secretary will perform the following duties and may perform other duties assigned by the PD Committee:

Chair: The Chair will preside over all PD Committee meetings, and further shall:

  • With the approval of a simple majority vote, appoint required subcommittees, and coordinate with such committee;
  • Represent the PD Committee in other matters where necessary;
  • Facilitate the agenda items during the meeting with assistance from the Indiana State Library staff;
  • Maintain the most current copy of the approved Charge to the Professional Development Committee;
  • Perform other duties pertaining to the office of Chair.

Chair-Elect: The Chair-Elect will assume the authority and responsibilities of the Chair or the Secretary in the absence of either. If both the Chair and Secretary are absent, the Chair-Elect will preside as Chair and appoint someone to act as Secretary for that meeting. The Chair-Elect will also become Chair in the following term.

Secretary: The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the minutes of the PD Committee meetings.

Officers’ Election and Term. The PD Committee Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the PD Committee. The term of office shall be one year, to commence on July 1.

Quorum. A simple majority of voting members of the PD Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at meetings.

Attendance. If a member of the PD Committee misses more than two (2) consecutive meetings, the member may be replaced for the duration of that term by appointment of the PD Committee, based on recommendations from the PD Committee.

Voting. Only PD Committee members may cast votes at a PD Committee meeting. Proxy representation and proxy voting are not allowed. If an elected member cannot attend a PD Committee meeting, the member has the option of participating via technology, as outlined below, or will forfeit the right to cast votes at that meeting.

Participating Electronically

If an elected PD Committee member cannot attend a PD Committee meeting, the member may make advance arrangements with the Chair and the hosting site to participate electronically, by conference call or other technology that allows full member participation, with the understanding that these technologies are not conducive to full transcription of the meeting discussion, and that only minimal transcription of actual motions on the floor may be possible when the question is called.

Members may participate in a PD Committee meeting or any subcommittee meeting remotely (and may vote and will be counted present) as long as the conditions below are met:

  • Members must confirm participation in a meeting using electronic communication at least 2 weeks before the meeting to allow for arrangements to be made for the member’s participation by electronic communication. Authorization requests must be submitted to the committee chairperson who shall also have the authority to grant such requests and the duty to coordinate the means of electronic communication used.
  • The minimum number of committee/subcommittee members who must be physically present at the place where the meeting is conducted must be 1/3 or more of the total members. Example: If there are 11 total members, 3 or more must be present in-person.
  • All votes during a meeting where there are members present electronically must be taken by roll call vote.
  • Members participating in a meeting by electronic communication must confirm in writing (via email to the recording secretary) the votes cast by the member during the meeting within 5 days after the date of the meeting.
  • Members must attend at least one meeting in person per year.
  • With the exception of lawfully held executive sessions, the public must be able to attend the meetings.

Rules of Order. PD Committee meetings shall be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order, latest edition.