The Difference is You! Be INSPIRED!

The Difference is You:

A training event for support staff and paraprofessionals was held Friday, July 20, 2018, at the Indiana State Library 315 W. Ohio Street; Indianapolis, IN. 9:00a.m.-3:30 p.m. EST;  and created by the Indiana State Library’s Professional Development Committee.   


DIY18 Program


2018 Keynote Speaker:   
Lorelle R. Swader, ALA Associate Executive Director, ALA Office
and Member Relations                            and ALA- Allied Professional Association



Session Titles and Descriptions:


  • Navigating SharePoint 2013:  The goal of these learning modules is to help staff become familiar with how the Office of Rulemaking uses SharePoint 2013 features. In each of the learning modules, there are “practice action challenge” activities to apply what you’ve learned.  1 TLEU
  • Managing Conflict in the Library:   “Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it.  That factor is attitude.”
    Anyone who works with others is very likely to be a party to some disagreements on occasion but conflict doesn’t have to be a bad thing.  This training focuses on ways library staff can work with patrons and co-workers to resolve conflict in the workplace and empower them to manage the stress resulting from conflict.  1 LEU

  • “Say What?!”: When Change Changes the Norm:   Workflow changes? New demands on your time? A new boss?  Feeling stressed and overwhelmed?  Attend this workshop and learn how to deal with the challenges of change in the workplace.  1LEU
  • Emerging Inspiration: Learning, Training, and Innovating with Emerging Technologies:   Technology is rapidly changing and evolving in today’s world.  From desktops and tablets to wearable tech, artificial intelligence and smart devices, how we work and the way we live is ever-influenced and changed by our connections to technology.  .  Because of this, library staff in today’s world, no matter what position they are in, play the role of emerging technologies educator.  You will learn from hands-on program using actual trending emerging technologies provided by NEO’s Traveling Tech Lab, an array of emerging technologies that are hot and trending today (from wearables and e-Health devices to virtual reality, robots and maker spaces gadgets). You will learn about strategies for using this tech creatively in your library.  1TLEU

  • Get Inspired with your Gale Resources:   Are you unsure of what Gale resources are available to you and what they offer?  Then this session is for you!  We will cover key Gale resources, explore tools and tips/tricks within the Gale products that will help you build your knowledge and confidence in finding what you’re really after and help others do the same.  We will cover tools to help teachers connect curriculum information to their lesson plans, help library staff support programming, and help student and patrons easily use the tools for their classroom and personal needs. 1TLEU
  • From Cradle to Coffin-Vital Records Research in Indiana:  Birth and death information forms the core of genealogical research. But finding that information can be difficult, particularly if your ancestor lived in the time period before mandatory government-issued vital records. In “From Cradle to Coffin,” we will explore the many different record types that include birth and death information and provide research tips on how to find these records.  1LEU  
  • Center for Black Literature and Culture:  The Center for Black Literature and Culture (CBLC) in tandem with the African American History Committee (AAHC) of the Indianapolis Public Library.  The two entities educate the general public regarding literature, heritage, culture, art and history of the people of African descent with a heavy focus on people from or living in Indianapolis or Indiana.  The physical CBLC serves as a platform for programming as well as a 3rd place for the community.   The major programs are Meet the Artists, Fall Fest/Slammin’ Rhymes and Kwanzaa. Participants will engage in role play to practice informing and creating partnerships with community groups regarding library programming.   1LEU
  • Stats in Action!  Helping Patrons Find Reliable Numbers:   Attendees will learn how to help patrons find the most reliable resources for locating statistics and other numerical data requests.  1LEU
  • Teach Career Transitions and Resume Writing:   In the last couple of years, employers’ requirements for job applications and resumes have changed a lot.  Learn how to help patrons use Gale Group’s Career Transitions website or Microsoft Word to write resumes that will separate your patron’s application from the rest of the pack.  1TLEU
  • Service with a Smile: Dealing with Difficult Patrons:   Participants will be taught different strategies to use when dealing with difficult patrons and difficult situations on the job.  Participants should bring examples of situations they commonly deal with on the job.  There will be group discussion with role play to practice the strategies taught.   1LEU
  • Introduction to Every Child Ready to Read (ECRR):   Have you heard the phrase “Every Child Ready to Read” before, but you aren’t sure exactly what it is?  During this session you’ll learn just that—why talking, singing, reading, writing, and playing with young children is important, and how storytime librarians are sharing this message with parents in their programs and in their children’s departments.  Gain a clearer picture of your children’s department’s early literacy strategies and better serve your patrons by increasing your understanding of this program.  1LEU
  • An Overview of EBSCO Resources for INSPIRE:    This session will focus on demonstrating the features and functionality of the EBSCOhost interface, as well as the databases available to Indiana users through INSPIRE.    1TLEU
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