• Application for Certification of Public Librarian (Revised 2014) PDF or Excel form for all 1-year temporary and 5-year certificate applications and renewals.
  • APPLYING FOR LEU APPROVAL:  Libraries and other training providers hosting workshops and conferences must complete and submit the Application for Library Education Unit Provider (Revised 2014) PDF or Excel form.  Please allow up to 30 days for an approval decision.  Contact StatewideServices@library.IN.gov with questions.
  • Find Training  Continuing education providers, conferences, and free upcoming webinars approved by ISL for Library Education Units.  See also Policies on LEUs.
  • Library Science College Courses for LC4 and LC5  This spreadsheet shows the specific accredited college-level, semester-length Library Science courses required for eligibility for Librarian Certificates 4 and 5.  (Eligibility for the Librarian Certificate 6 [LC6] does not include specific college-level, semester-length Library Science courses.  Applicants for the LC6 may complete any 3 accredited college-level, semester-length Library Science courses of their choosing.)
  • Policies on LEUs  There are two policies on LEUs: one for certificates from in-person workshops and conferences (Effective August 2013) and  one for certificates from webinars and virtual conferences (Effective December 2012).

Still have unanswered Certification or Library Education Unit questions?  We are always happy to help! Email (StatewideServices@library.IN.gov) or call us at 317-234-5650 (Toll-free in Indiana:  866-683-0008).

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