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Please check back in 2016 for opportunities with the Indiana State Library Leadership Academy! 

Today’s library professional cannot rely on a similar knowledge and skill set than that of their counterparts a century ago or even just a decade ago. Technology, funding, and communities are all evolving, and the role of the librarian is no longer that of gatekeeper to knowledge. But, what is the role of the librarian now and in the future?

In an effort to prepare the library community’s future leaders for 21st-Century challenges, the Indiana State Library’s Professional Development Committee has established the Indiana State Library Leadership Academy. At the end of this program, you will:

  • UNDERSTAND the major landscape changes within the library industry
  • RECOGNIZE the major societal and cultural changes in your community
  • IDENTIFY key indicators of upcoming change
  • VERIFY library stakeholders
  • COMPLETE a capstone project independently, or with Academy cohorts, which will:
    • identify a need
    • complete a community scan – to identify possible sources of funding
    • find the appropriate partners and funding
    • launch the project
    • develop a plan for sustainability
  • MENTOR future leaders and beyond
  • LEAD as part of the Professional Development Committee Speakers’ Bureau

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