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TeachingBooks – INSPIRE – 1 TLEU * Each *


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TeachingBooks has provided the Indiana State Library with several recorded webinars to share with Indiana libraries. The recordings are linked below. Each webinar is worth 1 TLEU apiece.



TeachingBooks.net:  Summer Reading Support, This webinar will provide an overview on how to use TeachingBooks, as well as tools and resources to help streamline your promotion of summer reading programs. Booklists tied to CSLP and other reading programs and well as sharing tools to connect with families will simplify your summer reading program prep.  Don’t miss out on this valuable, FREE resource!

This webinar is worth 1 TLEU.
Date Recorded: 1/16/18
Format: Adobe Connect Webinar Recording
Presenter: Kym Davick  / Trainer, TeachingBooks

Recording Link: TeachingBooks.net:  Summer Reading Support – 1 TLEU

TeachingBooks.net:  Supporting Book Clubs, After a brief overview on how to use TeachingBooks, discover tools to locate and share author and book specific resources that will enliven book club discussions. Discussion guides, annotations and interviews will deepen insights and support book club member reflection and appreciation.  Don’t miss out on this valuable, FREE resource!

This webinar is worth 1 TLEU.
Date Recorded: 3/13/18
Format: Adobe Connect Webinar Recording
Presenter: Kym Davick  / Trainer, TeachingBooks

Recording Link:  TeachingBooks.net:  Supporting Book Clubs – 1 TLEU


Train the Trainer, After a brief overview on how to use TeachingBooks in the classroom, we move into a “train the trainer” portion that will equip educators with the tools and strategies needed to facilitate staff development on TeachingBooks.net for colleagues.  Don’t miss out on this valuable, FREE resource! 

This webinar is worth 1 TLEU.
Date Recorded: 9/7/17 & 9/12/17
Format: Adobe Connect Webinar Recording
Presenter: Val Edwards  / Trainer, TeachingBooks

Recording Link: Train the Trainer- 1 TLEU

Literacy Across the Curriculum This webinar will provide an overview on how to use TeachingBooks in the classroom, as well as ways to enhance instruction, engage learners, and stimulate thinking with ready-to-use digital resources for content-specific titles. Strengthen cross curricular literacy initiatives using instructional examples that explore strategies to supplement your current lessons.  Don’t miss out on this valuable, FREE resource!

This webinar is worth 1 TLEU.
Date Recorded: 10/12/17
Format: Adobe Connect Webinar Recording
Presenter: Kym Davick  / Trainer, TeachingBooks

Recording Link: Literacy Across the Curriculum – 1 TLEU

Support for Homeschoolers Join us for an overview on how to use TeachingBooks in the classroom, as well as ways to share engaging author resources along with lesson plans and discussion guides to support your homeschooling families. Explore content-specific booklists and resources to assist with lesson design.  Don’t miss out on this valuable, FREE resource!

This webinar is worth 1 TLEU.
Date Recorded: 10/31/17
Format: Adobe Connect Webinar Recording
Presenter: Kym Davick  / Trainer, TeachingBooks

Recording Link: Support for Homeschoolers – 1 TLEU


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Register for the Webinar-of-the-Month series.  Each month highlights ways the resources at TeachingBooks.net promote literacy and bring books to life!

Professionalism in the Workplace – 1 LEU

Professionalism doesn’t always mean what position you hold at a library. It can also mean how you show honesty and responsibility in any position you hold. This presentation will discuss topics such as dress codes, appropriate workplace language and conversations, diversity, and electronic communication issues. Small group exercises are also included.

Date Recorded: 12/19/17

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Kimberly Brown-Harden / Indiana State Library

From Cradle to Coffin: Vital Records Research in Indiana – 1 LEU

Birth and death information forms the core of genealogical research. But finding that information can be difficult, particularly if your ancestor lived in the time period before mandatory government-issued vital records. In “From Cradle to Coffin,” we will explore the many different record types that include birth and death information and provide research tips on how to find these records.

Date Recorded: 8/2/17

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Jamie Dunn / Indiana State Library


From Cradle to Coffin Handout

Learning Analytics and the Academic Library – 1 LEU

Analytics word colored pencils and handLearning Analytics and the Academic Library: What are the Intellectual Freedom and Informational Privacy Issues?  Higher education institutions are increasingly looking to mine student data in order to gain new, actionable insights into student behaviors using learning analytics technologies. Purportedly, these insights can help institutions improve student learning outcomes, increase student engagement, decrease time-to-degree measures, and ameliorate graduation rates. While on the face of it these aims are worthy of the resource expenditures necessary to build capacity for and implement learning analytics practices, there are serious serious threats to long-held values. Student privacy, academic and intellectual freedom, and the trustworthy relationships necessary for successful teaching and learning experiences are all affected by data mining practices that dig into and expose intellectual and social behaviors represented in a wide variety of data. This webinar will discuss the on-the-ground practices of learning analytics, how learning analytics specifically threatens these values, and why institutional actors–such as faculty, librarians, and advisors–should take notice. Special emphasis will be placed on particular concerns that arise when libraries participate in learning analytics with relationship to ALA’s Code of Ethics.

Date Recorded: 10/11/17

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Kyle M.L. Jones / Assistant Professor at IUPUI Department of Library and Information Sciences

Fake News – 1 LEU


Image of text that says Fake NewsWhat makes fake news fake? As a society, we have been bombarded with the idea that the news we consume every day is fabricated, but the truth is far more complicated than that. Join Indiana University East librarian KT Lowe as she discusses the identifiable traits of fake news, offers tips on how to tackle fake news claims and demonstrates what makes real news real.

Date Recorded: 3/1/17

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: KT Lowe / Indiana University East

Infographic Tools – 1 TLEU

image of different types of infographics charts graphs

A picture says a thousand words, but when paired with data, it can say even more! Join us as we share tools you can use to bring your data to life.


Date Recorded: 5/24/2016

Some links and information mentioned during the webinar:

Infographic tools


Infographic video tools

Data Sources

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenters:  Jennifer Clifton and Emily Schaber / Indiana State Library

Indiana’s State Data Center: Access the Data You Need! – 1 TLEU

logo for the Indiana State Data CenterWhat do you need Indiana’s State Data Center for? Demographic data for your next grant proposal, raw data to compare this year’s statewide economy to last year’s, fun facts to share with  your students and patrons, and much more. Learn how to request data, how to partner with us, and receive an overview of the services we provide to you.

Date Recorded: 6/17/2016

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Katie Springer / Indiana State Library

Researching with State and Federal Government Resources – 1 TLEU

image of a bookcase with books and a globeAre you or your patrons looking for an authoritative source for information when filling out that grant application, completing a research paper, or just wanting to know what your elected representatives are doing? Learn the ins and outs of searching for government information in the Indiana State Library’s collections and on government websites. This webinar is designed to provide an introductory overview for locating current or historical government information. No prerequisite knowledge required.

Date Recorded: 2/8/17

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenters: Brent Abercrombie and Andrea Glenn/ Indiana State Library

Simplified Technology Training for the Public – 1 LEU

drawing of a variety of computer devices How One Library Evolved to Fit the Technology Needs of Their Community…In 2015 the Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library had an all-too-familiar problem to solve: how to fulfill the need for technology help in the community. While they previously offered formal computer classes, the library found that customers were wanting technology help on their terms. The technology team at the library took a step back and decided to take a very informal approach to tackle the problem, and thus “Digital Drop In” was born. “Digital Drop In” is a weekly 2-hour window where people can come in with any and all technology questions, and team with tech-savvy library staff are available to help as best they can. From old answering machines to brand new tablets and laptops, and from quick questions to weekly visitors, the “Digital Drop In” has been a great success and has eliminated the library’s need for traditional computer classes.

Date Recorded: 2/16/17

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenter: Laura Brack/ Plainfield-Guilford Township Public Library

Genealogy 101 – 1 LEU

a graphic interpretation of a family treeResearching family histories can be fun, exciting, and provide a rewarding experience, but where does a novice researcher start? The genealogy librarians at the Indiana State Library have created an introductory level webinar, Genealogy 101. This webinar is designed with the novice researcher in mind and will help you start your journey. Topics to be covered include: the first steps, what information can be found in different record sets, and common mistakes or pitfalls to avoid.

Date Recorded: 3/21/17

Format: Archived YouTube Video

Presenters: Crystal Ward & Alice Winslow / Indiana State Library